Rescue Mission Statement

Norfolk Terrier Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives and welfare of displaced or homeless Norfolk Terriers.

Norfolk Terrier Rescue, Inc. helps find new homes for Norfolk Terriers regardless of circumstance. 

Our mission is to ensure that all Norfolk Terriers have a home, to mentor new owners and to educate the public about the breed.

We believe that rescue includes many situations.  Dogs can need new homes for many reasons, for example, death, divorce, failing health, and other family situations, in addition to dogs that wind up in shelters.

We welcome any Norfolk Terrier in need.

We serve the entire United States through a network of Norfolk Terrier Club members and valuable friends.

Donations may tax deductible (check with your tax advisor).

Contact Norfolk Terrier Rescue, Inc. at

Officers and Contacts:

Marian Shaw DVM

Vice President:

Sue O’Brian.

Ann Hoenig

Larui Rossi Sherick

Contact Info:
Kelly Brown

Rescue Story...

The two dogs in the picture were rescued from a “puppy mill”. A generous member of the Norfolk Terrier Club purchased these two dogs “Freddie” and “Ezra” from an online advertisement. As can be imagined both dogs did not have a very good life and needed much love and attention. After the dogs were cared for by a Vet, they were rehomed through Norfolk Rescue. The dogs went to two different homes located across the United States. The new owners had communicated with each other and stayed in touch, but had never met in person. Then at a Norfolk event the two owners met for the first time and the dogs were reunited for a visit. It was a touching site to see. Everyone was smiling and of course, there were a few tears.


Norfolk Terrier Rescue Dogs