Norfolk Terrier Club Committees


Committee Chair Person
Awards Committee Laurie Rossi Sherick
Bench Show Chair Christine Smith
Bench Show Advertising Christine Smith
Breeder Directory/Stud Book Deb McMahon
Breeder Mentoring Judi Hartell
Breeder Referral Sheila Foran
Breed Standard NTC Board of Directors
Constitution NTC Board of Directors
Ethics NTC Board of Directors
Facebook\Instagram\Twitter Akiko Takizawa
Gazette Column Sheila Foran
Health Marian Shaw, DVM (Chair)
Health Heidi Cole
Health Tina Dennis
Health Julie Gleeson
Health TBD
Historian/Archivist Sheila Foran
Historian/Archivist Debbie Wall
Hospitality Chris Smith\Lori Pelletier
Judges Education Jim Covey (Chair)
Legal Liaison Beth Kravetz
Awards/ROM/Certificates (Performance) Annette Haile
Awards/ROM/Certificates (Conformation) Laurie Ross Sherick
Meet The Breeds NYC Barbara Miller (Chair)
Meet The Breeds NYC Robert Lachman
Meet The Breeds FL Terri Smith (Chair)
Member Education Judi Hartell
Membership Beth Kravetz
Notions Priscilla Twombly
Pedigree Database Dr. Andrew Kramer
Performance Marian Shaw, DVM (Chair)
Performance Beth Kravetz
Performance Annette Haile
Performance Beth Jernigan
Performance Mary Fine
Performance Peggy Metcalf
Performance Linda Federici
Publications Jeanne D'Agostino (Chair)
Publications Angela Eckert
Publications Susan Burrill
Standing Rules Committee Judi Hartell
Standing Rules Committee Lori Pelletier
Statistics Annette Haile
Sunshine Committee Vacant
Trophies Rachel Anderson
Ways and Means Barbara Miller (Chair)
Webmaster Bonnie Schneider