Breed Mentoring

Responsible Breeders are dedicated to preserving Breed Type and working to produce physically and temperamentally sound dogs. The NTC supports Breed Mentor Contacts to provide guidance to those Members seeking assistance. To request a Mentor, please contact the Breed Mentor Chair using the email shown below.

Breeders should be familiar with the NTC Code of Ethics and Breed Standard.

The NTC encourages Breed Members to health test and register the results with CHIC, OFA or CERF. Health Articles can be found on the Health page and a further explanation of the Breed can be found in the  Illustrated Standard.

The Breed Mentor Chair can be contacted for more information. Norfolk Terrier Club Members can also reference the Breed Mentor List on the Members Only Pager for additional contact information.

To apply to become a Breed Mentor, please download and complete the Application for Norfolk Terrier Breed Mentor form and send to the Breed Mentor Chair shown below.

Breed Mentor Chair: Judi Hartell