Judges Information Program

The purpose of the Judges Mentoring Program is to provide education to current judges or to individuals who are applying to the American Kennel Club for a license to judge the Norfolk Terrier. Mentoring will be accomplished by using the current approved standard along with formal and informal presentations, handouts and ringside discussions. Only educational material approved by the Norfolk Terrier Club Board of Directors may be used. The program will come under the jurisdiction of the Judges Education Committee which is responsible for the development and updating of all presentation material, hand-outs and guidelines for mentors. It is important that those who judge our breed have the deepest possible knowledge of the Norfolk Terrier.

The Judges Education Committee is dedicated to formulating effective, reliable and objective breed presentations to aspiring, provisional and approved Norfolk Terrier judges. Its goal is to hold and to support presentations in various areas of the United States in order to facilitate the needs and aid in better educated judges able to assess our breed. The Judges Education Committee vets and provides mentors and other educational programs for judges at national and regional specialties. This Committee must approve all "parent club approved" seminars and mentors. Although we will gladly make ringside mentoring available when requested, the place where most Norfolks can be found is at Specialties and Regional Specialties.


For more information, please refer to the following links or contact the Judges Education Chair.


Open this link to view the Illustrated Standard

Open this link for 2015 Tail Directive

Judges Education Chair: James S. Covey