Fast CAT Description

Fast CAT 100 yard dash where a dog* chases a lure, which is usually a white plastic bag on a string!  Dogs run one at a time.  The run is then converted into miles per hour (204.545/time = MPH).  Dogs earn points based on their handicapped speed.  A handicap system, based on the dog’s height at the withers, is applied to a dog’s MPH to determine the number of points earned.  Titles are then issued at designated benchmarks (150 points = BCAT; 500 points = DCAT; 1000 points = FCAT).

Sound confusing?  It’s not.  Most Norfolk Terriers love love love lure coursing.   You release at one end and someone catches at the other (or vice versa) and instinct does the rest!  And because our dogs are small, we get a handicap of 2.  Let’s say your Norfolk runs the 100 yards in 13 seconds (about average for our dogs).  13 seconds converts to 15.8 MPH.  Since Norfolk are under 12" at the withers, they get a handicap of 2, which means for this run your Norfolk got 31.6 points and in as few as 5 runs would qualify for the BCAT title.

Fast CAT is a great way to have more fun with your dog.   There are Fast CAT events pretty much everywhere, every weekend.  Check the AKC Events Search website for trials in your area.  The Norfolk Terrier Club will be holding 2 days of Fast CAT on October 3rd and 4th, 2023 in Palmyra, PA in conjunction with the Montgomery Terrier Agility Cluster. The Norfolk Terrier Club will offer a light blue flat ribbon for a passing qualifying run and will have a limited number of title rosettes available. Those earning FCAT2-5 have the option of an FCAT title rosette or a Golden Bunny trophy; those earning FCAT6 and above, have the option of an FCAT title rosette, or a Golden Bunny trophy or an embroidered cooler bag.

For a video of a Norfolk Terrier running Fast CAT, check out this link:

 * Fast CAT is open to all dogs 12 months of age or older that are individually registered/ listed with the AKC registration as purebreds, Foundation Stock Service (FSS) dogs, Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) dogs and AKC Canine Partner Program.