Stud Dog Listing Annual Renewal Application

Listings will appear on the NTCwebsite from 1/1/2024 to 12/31/2024 and in select Club publications.

All information provided will be printed in the directory and on the website unless otherwise requested. Only provide the information you want listed.


Disclaimer: The Norfolk Terrier club shall not be a responsible party in any disputes between breeders and purchasers unless specifically stipulated in the NTC Constitution and By-Laws or the Code of Ethics.


Submission and payment: Members agree to abide by the Norfolk Terrier Club Code of Ethics as published on the NTC Website and certifies that all information is correct. The Club reserves the right to delete listings for any violations of the Clubs Code of Ethics or providing incorrect or misleading information. Listing fees will be forfeited for any listing deleted for cause.

Only Norfolk Terrier Club members, in good standing, may have stud listings on the Norfolk Terrier Club website and in Club publications. Associate Members, Foreign Members, and Honorary Members are not eligible for stud dog listings.

Stud Dog Listing fees with a Kennel listing are $10.00 per Dog.
Stud Dog Listing fees without a Kennel listing are $30 for the first dog and $10 for each additional Dog.

Dues can be paid by PayPal using the link at the bottom of this page and a $2.50 Pay Pal Processing Fee will be added to the transaction. You may also pay by a check or money order made payable to The Norfolk Terrier Club and mailed to our treasurer along with this form to the following address.

Deb McMahon 1525 Pine Knoll Lane Mamaroneck, NY 10543
For all questions regarding Stud Listing payment contact /Deb at:

Eligibility for Stud Dog listing on the website and/or in club publications requires the following:

  1. CHIC number and/or full or partial testing.
  2. Any testing done for a dog must be listed on CERF and/or OFA websites.
  3. The dog may be listed with partial testing the 1st year and must show additional progress toward a CHIC # the 2nd
    year and must have a CHIC # or have completed testing required for a CHIC # to be listed the 3rd year and forward.

You may include a brief bio (75 words or less) for each Stud Dog. If you wish to publish the Dog's Pedigree, please email the Pedigree in pdf file format to with instructions to include the Pedigree with the Stud Listing.

Stud Listing Renewal

Form for annual Stud Listing on Website

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